About the Killa Hurtz, Roller Derby Team Based in Essex.
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About Us

All about the Killa's!

Killa Hurtz Roller Derby was founded in Chelmsford in October 2011 (as Killa Hurtz Roller Girls) to provide Chelmsford & North Essex with a flat track roller derby league. Our name came about as Chelmsford is attributed as being the ‘birthplace of radio’ due to Guglielmo Marconi opening the worlds first wireless radio factory here. The original Killa Hurtz team dispanded in late 2012 and it was Clark, Meleficent, Princess, Snarley Quinn and Space Hop’Her who relaunched the Killas and took it on to be the team it is today! It started out a bit rocky, but we have worked really hard the past few years recruiting players, officials and coaches and we are so proud of the award winning team we have built.


The purpose of Killa Hurtz Roller Derby is to create a fun, enriching environment that develops its members’ attitude, athleticism and passion for the sport. KHRD  is a not-for-profit sports team and works on a membership basis. This membership includes skaters, referees, Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) bench and admin staff.  The league is funded entirely from membership payments, and fundraising events. The league practises together twice a week, with all skill levels being encouraged. In addition to attending practice, all league members are committed to educating themselves about roller derby and dedicating time to furthering their knowledge, whether it be on skates or off and our officiating team do workshops with all of our players to help them with this.


KHRD is non-discriminatory and aims to serve its local community by promoting fitness and health and accepting all members regardless of prior derby experience, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. We also have kit that we can loan out to people who want to join us, so as to make the sport accessible to all.

KHRD is run internally by its members and successfully promotes a ‘For the Team by the Team’ ethos. KHRD is headed by a democratically elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors aim to run the League for the greater good of all and ensure members are involved in key decision making by taking part in votes and polls and actively encouraging them to give feedback and suggestions on how to positively progress all elements that make up our league.


Our League’s primary goals are to continue competing against equally established teams around the UK and within the Nationwide ‘British Championships’, to increase awareness and recognition of Roller Derby…and have fun doing it!


We also aim to continue to develop our officiating team, made up of both skating and non skating officials and is headed up by our marvellous Head NSO Anaimal.